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Sri Lanka, the gem off the southern tip of India, is an exotic vacation for those head to the Indian Ocean. From tropical beaches, to lush tea covered mountains, this tiny island nation is emerging as a must go vacation destination. Travelwizard.com is featuring a series of exquisitely designed tours to Sri Lanka. Call 1.800.330.8820 to book your Sri Lanka vacation or enquire here.

Wilderness As Necessity–Exploring Beaches & Jungle

The journey is designed to experience the wild and pristine jungles and beaches of the deep south of Sri Lanka and stimulate and reconnect you to yourself and the environment. Your trip is anchored at an elegant hideaway on a secluded beach – the Kadju House – the private retreat of the ecologist Vikrom Mathur. Enjoy day trips to six remarkable nature reserves: Yalla National Park – with the highest leopard density in the world; Uda Walawe park with elephant herds of up to 100 animals (with as many as 20 calves); the beaches of Rekewa, nesting ground for five species of marine turtles; the deep seas off the coast from Mirrisa frequented by blue whales, sperm whales and long-snouted spinner dolphins; Bundala wetlands where flamingos flock during the winter months, and the Kalametiya lagoon home to many species of waders.

As Nature Intended: A Yoga and Ayurvedic Holiday

Sri Lanka's ancient cures are more popular today than ever.The island is a granary of herbal plants. There are 200 or so indigenous plants growing here that are used in this ancient health care system, which can be traced back 4000 years to hindu scriptures. Although it was termed native medicine during colonial times and put on the back-burner, the monk in the temple and local Vederala kept the system alive. It has recently gained huge popularity, with European, Japanese and Middle Eastern clients regarding its effects highly enough to import Sri Lankan herbal concoctions made in the time honored methods. Every ailment from diabetes control to rejuvenation, menopausal symptoms, joint ailments and bone breakages can be solved through this Science of Life. To receive Ayurvedic treatments in unique natural locations, Ulpotha offers consultations and programs for individual treatments.

Ancient Cities and Colonial Splendor Tour

Ancient Cities and Colonial Splendor takes you on an fascinating journey across the country from north to south and past to present. The journey begins with the exploration of Sri Lanka’s ancient cities and UNESCO world heritage archeological sites. We travel inland to experience the tradition and pageant of Kandy, Sri Lanka’s mediaeval capital and onto the hills and the southern coast to experience the romance of bygone colonial days. We end in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s modern yet unsophisticated capital.


An Elephant With A Tea Cup Tour

Our Elephant in a Tea Cup itinerary combines the romance and nostalgia of Sri Lanka’s tea plantations with a few days in one of Sri Lanka’s bountiful national parks. Travel by first class train from Kandy to Hatton with visits to Uda Walawe National Park and the Tea Trails.

The Serendip Riviera

A journey along Sri Lanka's southern coastal belt known as the “Serendip Riviera”. Experience Sri Lanka’s vibrant southern heritage, rural fishing villages, sun-kissed beaches while staying in magnificent boutique hotels and villas.


The Cultural Triangle

Cultural Triangle takes you on a journey back in time. You will gain a better understanding of the island’s remarkably rich cultural and religious history that dates back 2,500 years. Travel by first class train from Kandy to Hatton with visits to Temple of the Tooth and Cultural Show in Kandy.


Kandy, Tea & A Tropical Sunset

A fascinating complete round trip of Sri Lanka combining a wonderful blend of historic sites, nature walking in the tea country and exotic beaches. Travel by first class train from Kandy to Hatton with visits to the Temple of the Tooth, Uda Walawe National Park and Cultural Show in Kandy.


Inland Beauty Of Sri Lanka

Beaches are beaches anywhere in the world but it is often said that the interior of a country is where the true spirit lies. Relive Kandy’s traditional pageant and custom, and be taken on the epic story of Ceylon Tea.



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