Al Gore Remains Strong in the Polls, Candidacy is Likely Says Analyst

Inglewood, CA 6/12/2007 05:40 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

It has been debated whether Al Gore will run for president of the United States in 2008 but if polls are any indication, Al Gore will run and would likely win says the analysts at

"The Democratic primary voters have had over 6 months to see the candidates in the race but they are still choosing Al Gore." says David Terr in reference to Gore's poll numbers increasing over the past 6 months. The major national polling organizations ABC News, Fox News, Gallup, and Time Magazine had Al Gore polling at roughly 10% in January but now see him as high as 17% in June.

The interest in the Gore campaign is also growing in the early primary states where the presidential candidates have spent most of their efforts campaigning. Terr points out that Gore has had even more success in these states. "We have observed Gore's support to double in New Hampshire and Florida. This is major because those are the states that have had the most exposure to the official presidential candidates. They are essentially rejecting what they see from the other candidates."

According to the web site, Al Gore can point to his successes in the polls and run for president on the backs of the American people. "He will not seem like a desparate has-been but rather a patriot of the people" says Terr.

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