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The QualityStocks Daily

The Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained is Global Diamond Exchange, Inc. (GBDX) previously at $0.0114 up 40% at $0.016 with 92,477,672 shares traded. (GBDX) is a favorite of Willy Wizard and was also highlighted today by

Rumors of the supposed buyout have been flying; shares were boosted again today, helping shares maintain their momentum from last week. The buyout/merger details are still being negotiated, and there are still no guarantees a transaction will be finalized. Attorneys are currently working out the details; once more information is given the attorneys will make the news public. Global Diamond Exchange, Inc. announced the company is in the process of renovating and restructuring the office that Global Diamond Exchange currently occupies at 2 West 46th street. The company also announced the opening of a regional office in Moscow at 46 Leninsky Prospect which will be operational after the Russian Federal Holidays on Wednesday, June 13, 2007.

Global Diamond Exchange, Inc. concentrated its efforts on exporting cut diamonds from the Russia Federation and European locations. The company has reopened its sales offices in the original building ready to take on the increased demand for fine quality diamonds.

Dragon Capital Group Corp (DRGV) previously at $0.03 up 30% at $0.039 with 6,004,183 shares traded. (DRGV) was highlighted today by, Stock Stars, OTC Picks, Inside Move, and last month by OTC Picks, Knobias, All Penny Stocks, Real Pennies and Boon Market

Dragon Capital Group Corp announced today that management sees 2007 revenues from the current operations of its 7 Chinese subsidiaries in the range of $50 to $55 million with operating income in excess of $2 to $3 million as net margins will be positively impacted by our consulting division Dragon Capital Group Corp announced last week that its subsidiary, Shanghai Zhaoli Technology Development Company, Limited, has entered a contract with Tianan Insurance Company, Limited, China's fifth largest nonlife insurers, to provide Tianan Insurance Company with printing hardware and network software, is valued at approximately $650,000. Dragon Capital Group Corp announced last month that revenues for the six subsidiaries and on a consolidated basis rose to approximately $10.8 million for the first quarter of 2007. The company also continued to improve its balance sheet as total assets rose to approximately $11.4 million, up from approximately $10.1 million at the end of 2006.

Dragon was established to serve as a conduit between Chinese high-growth companies and Western investors. DRGV functions as an incubator of high-tech companies in China , offering support in the critical functions of general business consulting, formation of joint ventures, access to capital, merger & acquisition, business valuation, and revenue growth strategies. Corporation (LOCM) shares saw huge gains again from Friday when the stock was charting at $3.94 up 75% at $6.92 with 8,122,775 shares traded. (LOCM) shares surged again today opening at 6.92 up 29% at $8.96 with 28,129,976 shares traded. was highlighted today by The Subway and last week by Corporation shares were boosted again today on news received a U.S. patent for an advertising referral system related to directory assistance listings. Shares were boosted last week after the company announced the addition of extensive online booking capabilities and travel-related content to its site. Expedia is the exclusive travel partner to, and will also provide extensive travel-related content. lists over 16 million businesses nationwide, and was recently named the industry's most relevant local search site by search technology research firm TeleMapics. The company announced this week that it has been awarded patent number 7,231,405 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the process of indexing and retrieving web-related information by geographical location. is a Top U.S. website attracting approximately 10 million visitors each month seeking information on local businesses, products, services, people and jobs.

WorldWater & Solar Technologies (WWAT) previously at $1.52 up 25% at $1.91 with 8,153,635 shares traded. (WWAT) was highlighted today and recently by, LebedBiz, and last month by, Bull in Advantage, Angel Nexus, Gold World and Willy Wizard

WorldWater & Solar Technologies in May announced a plan to Highlight Climate Change Dangers, the company displayed the "Eco Raft'' in Vancouver, Canada, at the Pacific Economic Summit on May 31, as well as at the California State Delegation Exhibit. The raft built with timber destroyed by forest fires and other natural events will manned by a crew of naturalists led by Brett Rogers, will then make a six-week, 500-mile trip down the Yukon River starting in mid-June. The raft was conceived to raise public awareness about critical issues surrounding a sustainable future -- clean air, clean water and sustainable harvesting of natural resources.

WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corporation is a full-service, international solar electric engineering and water management company with unique, high-powered and patented solar technology that provides solutions to a broad spectrum of the world's electricity and water supply problems.

MobilePro Corp. (MOBL) previously at $0.03 up 23% at $0.037 with 21,002,634 shares traded. (MOBL) was highlighted today by Hawk Associates and OTC Picks

MobilePro Corp. shares were boosted today on the company’s announcement that it has signed a definitive agreement to sell its CLEC Division in a transaction valued at $30 million to United Systems Access Telecom, Inc.DBA (USA Telephone), the deal is expected to close in 90 to 120 days.
MobilePro Corp., based in Bethesda, Md., is one of North America's leading wireless broadband companies, who together with its subsidiaries, operates as a broadband wireless, telecommunications, and integrated data communication services company in the United States.

USA Telephone is an established communications service provider dedicated to developing and operating business units that deliver low-cost voice and data services to under or inadequately served consumer and business markets throughout the United States.

iFinix Corp. (INXR) previously at $0.0005 up 20% at $0.0006 with 247,481,456 shares traded (INXR) was highlighted today by OTC Picks and last month by Naked Stock, OTC Stock Exchange, and OTC Picks

iFinix Corp. shares saw nice gains on huge volume, on today's announcement that the company's iFinix RealTime Information Platform will begin operations Monday, July 16. The company announced last month it will be launching its first phase of a television advertising campaigns on CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, and the Bloomberg Television Network. The campaign is designed to promote its suite of products including iFinix Real Time Information Platform, iFinix Trader and eFinix offering streaming, real-time market data, news and analytics to active individual investors. iFinix will also run TV spots on the Bloomberg Financial Network, a twenty-four hour business and financial news channel, which has a potential viewer ship of over 40,000 households per spot. The commercials will direct viewers to the iFinix website for more information and an opportunity to subscribe to an iFinix special introductory offer.

iFinix is a diversified information technology services and solutions company with expertise in systems integration, outsourcing, infrastructure and server technology.

Monogram Energy, Inc. (MGRA) previously at $0.225 up 17% at $0.265 with 157,119 shares traded. (MGRA) was highlighted today by HotStocksRus and last month by GMCR

Monogram Energy, Inc. announced today that it has agreed to an expansion of the business relationship with Northamerican Energy Group Corporation, through an exchange of restricted common stock between the respective companies. Monogram Energy will receive a 50% interest in 27 wells, with projected revenues of approximately $400,000.00. The company also announced last month that it has finalized its agreement with Northamerican Energy Group Corporation to enter into a Limited Liability Partnership to own and operate a total of seven wells located on two Permian Basin leases.

Monogram Energy, Inc. is an independent energy company engaged in the acquisition, development, and exploitation of oil and gas properties. The Company specializes in acquiring oil & gas leases with proven reserves that have the potential for increased production.

The Daily Newsletter recently highlighted Raven Gold Corp. (RVNG) as "One To Watch" previously at $1.28 up 15% at $1.48 with 939,822 shares traded. (RVNG) was highlighted today by Stock Wire, Stock Tiger and last month by The Daily Newsletter, Novak Capital, Stock Wire, Real Pennies and

Raven Gold Corp. announced that the La Currita mill upgrades are in the process of being completed, with the first load of concentrate totaling approximately 10 tonnes has been delivered to the smelter in Torreon, and payments expected to begin in approximately 30 days. Raven Gold Corp. last month announced that production has commenced at the La Currita Mill, and is now capable of operating at the rate of 300 tonnes per day and mine engineering and development has increased the potential for ore production to 320 tonnes per day. At full capacity the plant should produce approximately 1.5 tonnes of concentrate per operating day.

Raven Gold Corp. is an international gold mining company, with exploration and development projects, focusing on under-explored to advanced stage exploration gold deposits in North and South American Countries.

Octillion Corp. (OCTL) previously at $2.16 up 12% at a $2.42 with 1,200,544 shares traded. (OCTL) was highlighted today by GMCR and and last month by, and Investment House

Octillion Corp. shares have continued to gain momentum after the announcment last month that early models of Octillion's transparent photovoltaic 'NanoPower Windows, are indeed capable of generating electricity. The breakthrough was made possible through the use of Octillion's transparent NanoPower Windows is a proprietary spray coating of a silicon nanoparticle film, which is fluorescent and able to convert the sun's energy into electricity. The film was able to successfully convert high energy photons into lower energy photons, thus optimizing electrical conversion by preventing high energy photons from being unnecessarily wasted through conversion into heat.

Octillion Corp., together with its wholly owned subsidiaries, is a technology incubator focused on the identification, acquisition, development and eventual commercialization of emerging technologies.

Magellan Energy Ltd. (MGLG) previously at $0.31 up 6% at $0.33 with 252,03 shares traded. (MGLG) was highlighted today by OTC Stock Exchange and recently by OTC Picks.

Magellan Energy Ltd. announced an update for its current operations on the Pemberton #14 well in Morgan County, Tennessee. The results show that have several zones have been established that are capable of producing oil and gas, and is expected to be put into production for oil and gas in the near future. The positive results will allow Magellan Energy Ltd. to expand its research and drilling operations. OTC Stock Exchange predicted today "MGLG - Half a million in volume yesterday. That is huge. Like we said in our mid-day update, " higher highs and higher lows" signal a strong bull trend. Radar for news. I am expecting a 5 to 7 cent move today."

Magellan Energy Ltd. is a growing and experienced energy company focused on acquiring and partnering with existing producing junior properties in North America

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Today The Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight TerraNostra Resources Corporation (TNRO) previously at $1.29 up 0.07% at $1.39 with 46,636 shares traded. (TNRO) was highlighted recently in The Knobias Clip Report, and Wall Street Grapevine and last month by Micro Cap Alliance, OTC Reporter, GMCR, Beacon Equity Research, Independent Investment Edge, OTC Reporter, Stock Wire, OTC Reporter and

Terra Nostra Resources Corporation recently announced the first successful monthly production and shipment, in the companies recently announced $30 million dollar contract. The shipment was for 304 grade stainless steel billets by Shandong Quanxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

Terra Nostra Resources Corporation was also highlighted in a report that touted China's General Administrator of Customs reports that imports of refined copper totaling 202,995 Metric Tons (MT) for March 2007. This represented a year on year increase of 148% compared to the same period last year, and illustrates the strong demand for copper in China.

Terra Nostra Resources Corporation announced recently the details of the two sales contracts for Shandong Quanxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. ("SQSS"), its stainless steel joint venture operation in China. The first contract is with Qing Dao Baemyung Metal Co. Ltd which has contracted SQSS to produce 600 Metric Tons ("MT") of 304 grade stainless steel billets per month, for an annualized value of approximately US$30 million and the second which SQSS has been contracted by Zhejiang Yuyaohongda Stainless Steel Co. Ltd. to produce 201 series billets, with a contract is worth US$11 million annually.

Terra Nostra is strategically positioned to benefit from the continually increasing demand for both copper and stainless steel from major growth sectors in China including the automotive, high technology, infrastructure development and construction industries. Disclaimer

TerraNostra Resources Corporation Blog

TerraNostra Resources Corporation News:

Stainless Steel and Copper Crucial Components of China's Dynamic Economy

Terra Nostra Announces Shipments for US$30 Million Stainless Steel Contract

China Refined Copper Imports Jump 148% in March 2007 in Response to Strong Market Demand

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Global Resource Corp. (GBRC) previously at 2.07 up 15% at $2.39 with 110,176 shares traded. Was highlighted this month by VigilantTrader and GMCR

Global Resource Corp. announced today that they have commenced a second round of testing on coal using its patent pending technology. The company hopes the testing will show only a miniscule CO or CO2 amount analyzed by their gas chromatograph/mass spectrometry. If the second round of testing show low CO or CO2, GRC could very well be the first company to gasify coal without contributing a major greenhouse negative effect by not using oxygen in the gasification process.

Global Resource Corp. announced some really positive news yesterday that they were recognized by the United States Department of Energy as a company that may one day unlock billions of barrels of energy from domestic United States deposits. The Department of Energy issued a report on Wednesday, June 20, 2007, identifying 25 companies that possess unconventional fuel production technologies.

Global Resource Corp. announced recently it will commence Phase II testing to produce valuable energy byproducts from resid oil, a material that remains after crude oil is distilled. The company believes the tests will prove that its patent pending process can derive upgraded oil and gas from resid oil, drastically increase the price per barrel of the material and avail the possibility of producing oil from capped oil wells, which are now considered non-retrievable, across the country.

Global Resource Corp. is a Worldwide Petroleum Research, Engineering and Development Company that is responsible for bringing innovation and new technologies to the petrochemical industries where they offer many proprietary solutions in secondary and tertiary crude oil recovery processes. The company has a patent pending process that allows for removal of oil and alternative petroleum products at very low cost from various resources, including shale deposits, tar sands and waste oil streams with significantly greater yields and lower costs than are available utilizing existing known technologies. Disclaimer

Global Resource Corp. Blog

Global Resource Corp. News:

Global Resource Corporation Unveils Clean Coal Gasification Process

New Scientist Magazine Features Global Resource Corp.'s HAWK 10 Emission-Free Recycling Machine

Department of Energy Includes Global Resource Corporation's Technology as Possible Answer to U.S. Energy Independence

Today The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Compress Technologies, Inc. (CTLG) previously at $0.37 up 8% at $0.40 with 24,400 shares traded. (CTLG) was recently highlighted by OTC Picks.

Compress Technologies, Inc. announced recently that a major Korean delegation of 3 high-ranking officials from the Teltron Corporation announced interest in CTLG technology for use on set top boxes and antennas.

Compress Technologies, Inc. announced recently that it would begin phase II of its Cable Television Bandwidth Enhancement. Inventor Harold Walker believes the advancements and modifications developed for CTLG's FM-SCA technology can be integrated into the Cable Television bandwidth enhancement technology resulting in significantly "improved performance."

Compress Technologies, Inc. recently announced that a major financial institution has expressed interested in CTLG's encryption technology. This news potentially confirms that banking and financial industries are expected to be major customers for CTLG's encryption technology. The encryption technology offers Financial Institutions a new level of Internet and data security, as well as reduction of data intrusion by unwanted invaders

Compress Technologies, Inc. has garnered a group of Patented and protected core technology solutions utilizing both hardware and software applications designed to the efficiencies of bandwidth and Network Topographies for the Cable TV, FM-SCA Radio, Satellite and Wireless Industries. Compress Technology, Inc.'s technology allows multiple digital channels to be transmitted adjacent to a conventional analogue FM signal. The technology will allow radio to be transmitted on the unused space between two radio channels. The technology will give the ability to transmit up to (50) fifty new fully digital broadcast channels in that unused space, freeing up unused empty space on the dial. Disclaimer

Compress Technologies, Inc. Daily Blog

Compress Technologies, Inc. News:

Major Korean Delegation Coming to Compress Technology USA

Cable Television Technology to Improve Performance News - Compress Technologies Inc. to Be Featured in Stock Newsletter QualityStocks Daily, The QualityStocks Daily Video and The QualityStocks Daily Blog

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH) previously at $0.87 up 2% at $0.89 with 37,500 shares traded. (RNCH) has a 52 week trading range of $0.85 to $3.46

Rancher Energy Corp. Announces Fiscal 2007 Financial Results and Highlights, which include $89 million in equity capital raised, $73 million invested in three major properties in Powder River Basin, CO2 supply agreement signed with Anadarko Petroleum, Impressive new management team to direct operations, and 5 new board members strengthen leadership team and corporate governance

Rancher Energy Corp. recently announced that it has selected two contractors to conduct front-end design work on a CO2 pipeline and surface facilities related to the Company's enhanced oil recovery program in the Powder River Basin.

Rancher Energy Corp. announced in January that they have been rated "Speculative Buy" with a target price of $7.39 by Beacon Equity Senior Research Analyst, Kris Goldcross, CFA. Rancher Energy has successfully acquired major land positions in five oil & gas fields with proven past production and significant potential for undeveloped remaining reserves.

Rancher Energy Corp. is an oil & gas exploration and development company working to develop five significant assets in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. Leading edge hydrocarbon recovery techniques like CO2 injection, directional drilling and 3-D seismic data have made it possible to extract the proven in-place oil and natural gas reserves that remain behind in mature fields, and high oil & gas prices plus rising demand have made it profitable. Disclaimer

Rancher Energy Corp. Daily Blog

Rancher Energy Corp. News:

Rancher Energy Corp. Announces Fiscal 2007 Financial Results and Highlights

Rancher Energy Corp. Adds Four New Board Members in Move to Strengthen Corporate Governance and Leadership Team

Rancher Energy Corp. Announces Results of Special Meeting of Stockholders


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