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The QualityStocks Daily

The Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained is id-Confirm (IDCO) previously at $0.014 up 200% at $0.042 with 6,802,385 shares traded. (IDCO) was highlighted today by OTC Stock Exchange and Small Cap Voice

id-Confirm announced today the company will be featured in an educational television series that will air on CNN Headline News, The Discovery Channel and Tech TV in August. The company offers its id-Confirm's SecureLink System(TM) product to businesses and government agencies to aid in the prevention of network & security breaches and financial fraud with technology that is ready-to-use and simple to deploy in eCommerce environments. The patent-pending id-Confirm SecureLink System(TM) includes all the software, hardware and services required for immediate deployment in an integrated, end-to-end solution.

id-Confirm, Inc. develops biometric identity authentication solutions for enterprises, commercial and industrial concerns, government and identity management partners.

ERF Wireless (ERFW) previously at $0.615 up 49% at $0.921 with 1,370,061 shares traded (ERFW) was highlighted today by

ERF Wireless announced today that its subsidiary ERF Enterprise Network Services completed a three-year testing and certification process for delivery of Wireless Internet Service Products (WISP) securely across a financial institution's BranchNet system and the company's US-BankNet infrastructure. The company also plans to offer financial institutions the opportunity to enter into a WiNet Systems Agreement and participate in a new revenue-sharing program to provide WiNet products and services to their commercial and residential banking customers. The company estimates that its WiNet operations in Louisiana alone will generate more than $130 million in revenues over the next ten years.

ERF Wireless Bundled Services provides a variety of Internet, voice, data, network monitoring and video services across the country.

Bionic Products, Inc. (BNPD) previously at $0.005 up 40% at $0.007 with 6,425,784 shares traded (BNPD) was highlighted today by Bull In Advantage and OTC Picks

Bionic Products, Inc. announced yesterday that they are in the approval stages with two new flavors. JD Pulver, spokesperson for Bionic, reiterated, "Bionic Products is working feverously to schedule social events and product promotions to bring the new products to the height of awareness for the Summer." The new products "Bionic-Tonic" which are being re-formulated to appeal to the male gender, and the female version, "LadyPink," which will have slightly less carbonation. Both products will be sold at sporting events, socials, clubs and health enhancement centers around the US.

Bionic Products, Inc. was formed for the purpose of discovering, developing and marketing breakthrough energy drinks that will enhance the health and wellness of consumers.

Ise Blu Equity Corp. (ISBL) previously at $0.0017 up 35% at $0.0023 with 36,387,168 shares traded (ISBL) was highlighted today by OTC Stock Exchange

Ise Blu Equity Corp. shares were boosted on today's announcement that it has signed a Letter of Intent for the acquisition of One Media One. The purchase agreement is required to be signed on or before July 27, 2007. One Media One's President is Doctor Dre host of radio programs on Hot 97 and Power 1051 in New York, as well as a VJ on 'YO MTV RAPS

Ise Blu Equity Corp., a Nevada corporation, is a holding company that specializes in investments from the Consumer Goods, Entertainment and Technology sectors, as well as entertainment, marketing and new media services.

Monster Motors, Inc. (MRMT) previously at $0.51 up 27% at $0.65 with 5096 shares traded (MRMT) is a favorite of Stock Guru

Monster Motors, Inc. announced this month that Keech Studios has completed the production of a National advertising spot for Monster Motors, Inc. The new national campaign will be seen in major cable television markets nationwide. The objective of the new commercial is to drive home the Corporate Name, Logo and its slogan, 'Bid, Win, Drive.'"

Monster Motors, Inc. is a popular public online auto auctioneer specializing in the localization of its public online automotive auctions. Monster Motors currently has more than 7700 unique cars and trucks for sale on its local community auctions.

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (BCLI) previously at $0.77 up 19% at $0.92 with 370,797 shares traded (BCLI) was highlighted today by OTC Picks

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. announced this month that they have hired 5W Public Relations as its PR agency of record. Both companies hope to raise awareness of neurological disorders such as Parkinson's, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Multiple Sclerosis. BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. utilizes cutting edge, non-controversial stem cell research cultivating adult stem cells rather than embryonic tissue. BrainStorm's goal is to develop long-term and even permanent remedies for these life-threatening disorders.

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. is an emerging company developing adult stem cell therapeutic products, derived from autologous (self) bone marrow cells, for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Handheld Entertainment, Inc. (ZVUE) previously at $1.75 up 15% at $2.02 with 1,699,612 shares traded (ZVUE) was highlighted today by OTC Picks and

Handheld Entertainment, Inc. today announced the release of the ZVUE™ 260, its third generation, value-priced MP3 video player, and will be available for purchase at later today with a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of less than $100. The company also announced on Monday that it new launch of France, the French language version of the free digital media Web site, furthering HandHeld's European expansion strategy.

Handheld Entertainment, Inc. a digital media company, provides commercial and user generated video entertainment content to audience on personal computers, handheld devices, and mobile devices. Handheld also designs, produces, and sells portable media players in mass markets under ZVUE brand.

Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation (UPZS) previously at $0.049 up 12% at $0.055 with 495,249 shares traded (UPZS) was highlighted today by OTC Picks

Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation announced today that LKN Investment Partners LLC has committed to open 25 Unique Pizza and Subs locations in North and South Carolina over the next 36 months. LKN also purchased the rights for ``first right of refusal'' in these two states and plans to open 50 plus locations with the first 5 expected to open by the end of 2007. In June the company announced the opening of the first of many Unique Pizza and Subs locations in the Wisconsin market, 8 days later the company announced the planned opening of a second store location.

Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation sells pizza shop franchises in the United States.

Octillion Corp. (OCTL) previously at $2.03 up 11% at $2.26 with 766,409 shares traded. (OCTL) was highlighted today by GMCR and last month by, and Investment House

Octillion Corp. shares have continued to gain momentum after the announcement last month that early models of Octillion's transparent photovoltaic 'NanoPower Windows, are indeed capable of generating electricity. The breakthrough was made possible through the use of Octillion's transparent NanoPower Windows is a proprietary spray coating of a silicon nanoparticle film, which is fluorescent and able to convert the sun's energy into electricity. The film was able to successfully convert high energy photons into lower energy photons, thus optimizing electrical conversion by preventing high energy photons from being unnecessarily wasted through conversion into heat.

Octillion Corp., together with its wholly owned subsidiaries, is a technology incubator focused on the identification, acquisition, development and eventual commercialization of emerging technologies.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Today The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight CanAm Uranium Corp. (CAUI) previously at $0.43 up 18% at $0.51 with 506,168 shares traded. (CAUI) was highlighted by Boon Market, Stock Upticks, StockHouse and Break Out Trading

CanAm Uranium Corp. noted this month that uranium's spot price hit $135 per pound June 4th 2007 as quoted at, which is a dramatic increase from roughly $50 since the corporate focus to acquire and develop its Uranium interests.

CanAm Uranium Corp. announced the completion of nine drill holes on the Amalgamated Rare Earth #2 project in Bancroft Ontario by Operator El Nino Ventures Inc. between May 1 and May 28th, with a total of 1,989 m (6,525 ft.) drilled, a summary of findings will be delivered to CanAm Uranium Corp. and published online.

CanAm Uranium Corp. announced recently that it has acquired an option to own 100% of the Reilly Uranium Property in the Sault St. Marie District of Ontario. The acquisition expands CanAm Uranium Corp's property holdings to over 159,000 acres of Uranium claims collectively.

CanAm Uranium Corp. is focused on the strategic acquisition and development of exploration properties in well-known prolific mining areas, especially known for Uranium, of Canada , Southern Africa, Australia and the United States . CanAm Uranium Corp has optioned over 136,000 acres of claims collectively within the Saskatchewan Athabasca Basin, Ontario and British Columbia Disclaimer

CanAm Uranium Corp. Blog

CanAm Uranium Corp. News:

CanAm Uranium Corp. Announces Completion of Nine Drill Holes On the Amalgamated Rare Earth No. 2 Project in Bancroft

CanAm Recognizes Importance of Uranium Spot Price At $135 Per Pound

CanAm Uranium Corp. Acquires Option to Own 100 Percent of the Reilly Uranium Property

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Global Resource Corp. (GBRC) shares continue to surge up again today (GBRC) previously at $4.59 up 11% at $5.10 with 412,582 shares traded. Was highlighted this month by VigilantTrader,OTC Picks, and GMCR

Global Resource Corp. broke the $5.00 mark hitting a new 52 week high closing today at $5.10 today. Global Resources announced today it has entered a joint cooperation relationship with Ingersoll Production Systems (IPS). As a Global Resource Corp. partner, IPS will manufacture energy production systems at its Rockford, Illinois assembly plants. GBRC will draw on Ingersoll Production Systems' expertise in producing high-volume parts to meet a growing demand for the company's fuel extraction systems

Global Resource Corp. announced recently that Global Resource's energy conversion technology and the Company's HAWK 10 machine, will be featured in Scrap Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine that covers materials recycling industry news. Scrap Magazine will feature Global Resource's auto shredder residue (ASR) conversion technology its cover story in an article entitled, "ASR Alchemy," which will explore Global Resource Corp.'s innovative technology and how recyclers worldwide see value in it as a way to generate revenue from the materials they are recycling.

Global Resource Corp. announced exciting news this week that has fueled the stocks climb. Global Resources announced that through the Company's energy conversion process GBRC can produce oil and vast amounts of combustible gas from recycled plastics. The process generates energy from plastics or rubber, and can produce up to 18 times the energy that is used to fuel the machine, and is capabilities to generate an average of 17,300,000 btu per hour output. This process will allow scrappers and recyclers to convert plastics and rubber into oil and combustible gas. By doing so, they can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by up to 65%

Global Resource Corp. announced some really positive news recently that they were recognized by the United States Department of Energy as a company that may one day unlock billions of barrels of energy from domestic United States deposits. The Department of Energy issued a report on Wednesday, June 20, 2007, identifying 25 companies that possess unconventional fuel production technologies.

Global Resource Corp. is a Worldwide Petroleum Research, Engineering and Development Company that is responsible for bringing innovation and new technologies to the petrochemical industries where they offer many proprietary solutions in secondary and tertiary crude oil recovery processes. The company has a patent pending process that allows for removal of oil and alternative petroleum products at very low cost from various resources, including shale deposits, tar sands and waste oil streams with significantly greater yields and lower costs than are available utilizing existing known technologies. Disclaimer

Global Resource Corp. Blog

Global Resource Corp. News:

Global Resource Corp. Enters Joint Cooperation Relationship with Ingersoll Production Systems

Scrap Magazine Makes Global Resource Corporation's ASR Conversion Technology July-August Cover Story

Global Resource Corporation Announces Results of 'Plastics-To-Energy' Conversion

The Daily would like to highlight VIASPACE  (VSPC) as "One to Watch" previously at $0.20 up 4% at $0.21 with 301,053 shares traded. (VSPC) was highlighted recently by Knobias Clip Report ,Small Cap Stock Alert, OTC Picks

VIASPACE announced this month that the company continues to increase its sales base, expanding into the University market with an order from the University of Connecticut. VIASPACE announced recently it has been officially notified by the U.S. Patent Office that patent application No. 11/350693 for Explosive Device Detection Based on Differential Emissivity will be granted. VIASPACE continues to benefit from important patent and software licenses from Caltech, which manages NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

VIASPACE announced recently that its new proprietary fuel cell humidity sensor product is receiving significant market interest. VIASENSOR HS-1000 Humidity Sensor has generated multiple inquiries from potential customers including major auto manufacturers, automotive test systems providers and fuel cell developers and manufacturers.

VIASPACE  recently reported that the emergence of fuel cell technology for portable electronics and the strategy of its Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation subsidiary to capture a significant share of the large projected market for direct methanol fuel cell cartridges. Methanol fuel cells are expected to gain a substantial market share because they offer operating time two to three times longer than current lithium ion batteries, can support the increased energy demands of additional wireless and television features, are environmentally friendly, and may be instantaneously recharged by simply replacing the disposable fuel cartridge.

VIASPACE  was formed with the objective of transforming proven space and defense technologies from NASA and the Department of Defense into hardware and software solutions that solve today's complex problems, VIASPACE benefits from important patent and software licenses from Caltech, which manages NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Disclaimer

VIASPACE Inc. Daily Blog


VIASPACE Energy Expands Sales Into University Market With Order From University of Connecticut

VIASPACE Subsidiary Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation Files Patent Application on Tamper Resistant Fuel Cartridges

U.S. Patent Office Notifies VIASPACE Security of Patent Grant for Explosive Device Detection

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Intellegentias Inc. (ITLI) as "One to Watch" (ITLI) previously $1.20 up 4% at $1.25 with 52,260 shares traded. (ITLI) was highlighted recently by (ITLI) was also recently highlighted by OTC Advisors and Twin Trader.

Intellegentias Inc. announced this month that it will be featured on World Business Review, hosted by General Norman Schwarzkopf. The interview will focus on Intelligentias products, which can help to quickly investigate and prosecute terrorists.

Intellegentias Inc. announced last month that it closed a $3.0 million financing with Vision Opportunity Master Fund, Ltd. Intelligentias also issued to Vision a warrant to purchase up to 5,500,000 shares of common stock, exercisable at $2.05 per share, expiring on June 13, 2014.

Intellegentias Inc. announced recently that it has executed an agreement to acquire all of the outstanding common stock of Systeam Italy SpA from Systeam US, Inc. The acquisition allows Intelligentias, Inc. to obtain all of Systeam SpA's contracts with service providers, strategic alliance partners, network equipment providers, and systems integrators.

Intellegentias Inc. is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing companies in the Homeland Security sector. Intellegentias, Inc. which markets its Homeland Security software to Law Enforcement Agencies, Telco's and ISP's all over the world. The software allows customers to locate and prosecute terrorists and criminals, and to stay in compliance with federal legislation and directives Investigation, Inc., launching in 2007, is their data investigation company. Investigatia intends to focus on fraud, identity theft, identity authentication and verification. Interceptia, Inc., launching in 2007, is the company's Lawful Intercept company. Interceptia intends to focus on Legal Interception of telecommunications by law enforcement authorities (LEA's) and intelligence services. Disclaimer

Intelligentias, Inc. Daily Blog

Intelligentias, Inc. News:

Intelligentias to Be Featured on Norman Schwarzkopf's World Business Review Series July 8, 2007, on CNBC (as Paid Programming)

Intelligentias Announces Closing of $3.0 Million Financing With Vision Opportunity Master Fund to Complete the Acquisition of Datakom GmbH

Intelligentias Subsidiary Moves Forward With Rollout

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