Ron Paul With 14% in "Fundraising Poll"

Washington D.C. 7/20/2007 08:06 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Quarter 2 fundraising reports showed that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton cleaned house against the Republicans. The Democrats fundraising success was in large part due to the proliferation of the Internet that has made it easy for  small donors to donate.

The top tier Republican candidates Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney received very significant portions of their money from large donors. John McCain and Ron Paul relied on small donors. Ron Paul is estimated to have received 14% of all small donor donations to a Republican candidate.

If one were to consider a donation as a vote, then Ron Paul would have received 14% in this unscientific poll. This falls in line with a few of the latest live event straw polls. At the Cobb County Straw Poll in Atlanta, Georgia,  Ron Paul placed 2nd with 17% of the vote. At the California Republican Assembly Straw Poll, Ron Paul garnered 12% of the vote.

The scientific national and state polls archived at  shows Ron Paul is roughly around 2-3% in any of the polls. The web site warns  us of the unscientific nature of straw poplls because they point out that Rudy Giuliani was in sixth place at the Cobb County Straw Poll with only 10% but is in first or second place in most national and state polls.

But they do point out that something can be said for Ron Paul to consistently hover around the low teens in these straw polls. The consistency of Ron Paul's performances across two separate state straw polls and the recent Q2 fundraising poll shows that:

  • Ron Paul's low scientific polling numbers is the result of having a low name recognition and would grow to the low teens in the upcoming months if given the proper media attention.
  • Ron Paul's supporters are far more motivated than the other candidates.
  • Ron Paul can compete at a national level unlike the other lower tier candidates.
  • The media will be forced to consider Ron Paul as a very credible candidate in a few months.

To see the calculations made that got Ron Paul 14%, visit Ron Paul's Q2 Fundraising Poll.


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