Britney Spears investigated by Los Angeles police

Atlanta, GA 8/10/2007 09:56 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Police are investigating Britney Spears on possible hit and run charges are she scraped a parked car with her Mercedes-Benz.

Police confirm that the woman whose car was hit on Monday filed a report and Spears may face hit and run charges. Reports claim that Spears hit the car twice. After she parked her car, she opened the door and hit the other car again.


The whole incident was caught on tape by paparazzi. The video shows Spears getting out of her car to inspect the damage on her Mercedes but doesn’t even look at the other car. Spears walked away without contacting the women or the police. Los Angeles police are investigating the situation.  The owner of the car refused to speak about Spears and the incident.


Meanwhile, Spears is in the center of a custody fight with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. On several occasions Federline claims Spears exposed their two sons to potential danger. He reportedly is seeking primary custody of the children.


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