Clinton, Not Obama Can Bring Change To Country

United States of America 8/18/2007 03:50 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Although Sen. Barrack Obama had been aggressively positioning himself as the person who could bring major changes in the country, majority of the Democrats think that it's Sen. Hillary Clinton who will mostly likely bring in major changes. A recently conduct poll showed that 40 percent of all registered Democrats believe that Clinton can bring in change while only 27 percent said that it is Obama who can initiate changes in the government. The result of the poll was quite unexpected since from the very beginning, it was Obama who had always pushed for changes in the government. However, experts believe that since Clinton had the most experience in governance, there is no doubt that she can institute some favorable changes in the country.

As the only woman who is seeking nomination to the November 2008 presidential elections, Clinton is quite popular among Democrats. At present, she is considered as the forerunner of the party. Sources believe that as one of the strongest contenders from the Democratic camp, she has a good chance of beating the Democrat hopefuls. However, when it comes to winning the presidential election, some experts have serious doubts on the chances of Clinton of winning the election. Experts cited the unfavorable rating that Clinton gathered during the polls conducted throughout the year. Note that the unfavorable ratings of Clinton had been around 44 percent since early this year which is not very good for her image. The unfavorable ratings of Clinton could put a serious dent on her chances of winning the Presidential election.

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