Aaron Russo, Filmmaker and Political Activist, Dies at Age 64

Atlanta, Ga. 8/25/2007 11:22 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Aaron Russo, made famous by his films “Trading Places” and the Golden Globe-winning “The Rose,” died on Friday at the age of 64.

Russo, who had been battling cancer for an extended period of time, was also a well known political activist who openly criticized the U.S. government’s policies on the war on drugs and medical regulations. His libertarian views brought him many supporters and admirers and in 1998 he entered the Republican primary for governor of Nevada.

Despite falling short in the election Russo continued with his political aspirations and entered the 2004 Presidential race where he began his campaign as a Libertarian but did not earn the nomination from his party.

Russo pledged his allegiance to libertarian policies and was one of the first to endorse Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul for the 2008 election.

With Russo’s involvement in politics he blended his filmmaking art and created the documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism” which investigates federal income tax and the laws that supposedly support the act.




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