Prediction: Ron Paul Will Win Debate But Be Discredited

New Hampshire 9/05/2007 10:27 PM GMT (TransWorldNews) has recently posted an article on their web site entitled "Republican Debate - Five Things to Expect" and they claim that Ron Paul will be the winner of the online text poll / internet poll but be ignored. This is not shocking news when you consider that Ron Paul has fared extremely well in every post-debate poll and there is little reason to believe that this debate will be any different.

Ron Paul received an incredible boost to his campaign in the last Fox News debate held in New Hampshire with his claim that "blowback" is the cause of hatred towards the United States. ran an analysis on the very last ABC News debate and found that Ron Paul was limited to only 6% of the total speaking time of a total of nine candidates. A fair debate would have had each candidate speak roughly 11% of the time; suggesting that Ron Paul was unfairly treated by a factor of two. (Source). receives approximately 80,000 unique monthly visitors according to and in their informal online straw poll; Ron Paul has received over 8,000 votes in two weeks -- almost 25 times more than his next closest Republican competitor Mitt Romney.

If a website as popular as shows an impressive margin of victory for a candidate, it should not be taken lightly.



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