Britney Spears trying to lose weight with asthma inhaler

Atlanta, GA 9/27/2007 01:17 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

According to reports Britney Spears is so desperate to lose weight she’ll do anything to shed the pounds including using an asthma inhaler. According to sources Spears does not suffer from asthma, she is only using the inhaler to suppress her appetite.

“Britney doesn’t have asthma. She’s using the chemical epinephrine, found in asthma medications, as an appetite suppressant,” a source says.


This is the latest allegation against Spears, who is currently in a messy custody case with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. The pair share joint custody of their two sons, but Federline is seeking primary custody claiming Spears doesn’t have adequate mothering skills.


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