Global Crown Capital Launches the First Pure Play Nanotechnology Index

San Francisco 12/15/2005 01:53 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Global Crown Capital, LLC (GCC), a full-service boutique investment firm, today announced the launch of the industry's first pure play nanotechnology index. The Global Crown Capital Nanotechnology Index(TM) will be listed on major US and foreign exchanges soon. This unique index is designed to serve as an investment tool for professional investors to capitalize on the growth, both short and long-term, in the emerging nanotechnology industry.

The Global Crown Capital Nanotechnology Index(TM) is a price-weighted index currently composed of nineteen pure nanotechnology stocks. The index includes select companies who have a significant share of their total revenue generated from involvement in the research, development and manufacturing of nanomaterials and nano-devices across a broad spectrum of industries, as well as the tools and software necessary for nano-level development and production. For more information on the companies included in the index, visit GCC's website Press Room. For Bloomberg users, type "GCCLGCNI" Index and "go" for more detailed information.

"Our index is unparalleled in at least three critical ways," said Dr. Nikolay Tishchenko, Senior Managing Director of Global Equity Research at Global Crown Capital. "First, it is the only index representing pure nanotechnology public stocks. Unlike other nanotechnology indices, GCC's index does not include large, mature blue chip companies. Therefore, it is the only index to adequately represent the emerging nanotechnology industry. Sophisticated investors who want blue chip stocks in their portfolios can invest in them directly or through a spider. Blue chip stocks are not where the growth is in nanotechnology," added Dr. Tishchenko.

The stocks in the Global Crown Capital Nanotechnology Index(TM) are covered by high quality, objective and actionable fundamental research created by Global Crown Capital's All-Star Analyst team, as well as independent technical analysis. GCC's analysts cover all leading industries impacted by nanotechnology including Materials, Equipment, Semiconductors, Software, Healthcare, Biotech, and Energy. "No other investment firm has the breadth of coverage of nanotechnology stocks nor the depth of expertise in nanotechnology that we do," said Dr. Tishchenko.

"Finally, because our index does represent the nanotechnology industry and it is supported by high quality equity research, it is the only true, actionable investment tool," said Rani Jarkas, GCC's Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer. "Investors can, and should, utilize it to benchmark their nanotechnology portfolios as well as to hedge against the exposure associated with highly volatile nanotechnology stocks."

The Global Crown Capital Nanotechnology Index(TM) was created because professional investors and traders need sophisticated, expert-driven tools to capitalize on the growth in the nanotechnology industry. While there is no shortage of firms (market research, consulting or lobbying) currently offering investment advice on public equities, "no other firm, today, is capable of providing the quality of nanotechnology investment advice and research that Global Crown Capital can," said Mr. Jarkas.

GCC's research and indices are typically geared toward professional investors, but high-net worth investors interested in nanotechnology equities can also engage GCC to manage their portfolios against the Global Crown Capital Nanotechnology Index(TM).

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