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From Evaluation, Adoption to Implemenation and Optimization - Integrating Open Source

Montreal, QC 1/10/2006 12:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

marcus evans is proud to announce that Bill Vass, the CIO of Sun Microsystems will be presenting at the upcoming Open Source in the Enterprise: From Evaluation, Adoption to Implementation and Optimization – Integrating Open Source into Existing IT Platforms conference, taking place at the Omni Hotel in San Francisco, CA on January 23-25, 2006.   Bill Vass' session "Migrating to Open Source: Have No Fear", will address Sun Microsystems' internal use of Open Source and the positive impact that it has had on their business.
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Experts in the industry such as Jay Hansen, the event Chairman & CEO of the Avalanche Corporate Technology Cooperative; Barry Vandevier, CTO, Travelocity; John Alberg, Co-Founder, CIO & CTO, Employease; Rick Malinowski, CIO, the State of Colorado; Robert Wiseman, CTO, Cendant Travel Distribution; Roy T. Fielding, Co-Founder, The Apache Software Foundation, in addition to many other distinguished individuals will share best practice case studies and address topics that include evaluating, implementing and ongoing management of Open Source software; moving your critical IT infrastructure to open applications and decrease time to market; integrating Open Source within your current IT platform; Growing your business without growing your IT needs; tailoring applications to enhance productivity and profit; licensing and other legal issues; and more.

The Open Source movement is bringing fundamental changes to the way in which organizations do business.   IT Professionals are fascinated with Open Source and are now accepting it as steady technology as opposed to simply a fad.   Even with its increased popularity, some individuals are still hesitant to make the move.   Open Source systems have been succeeding where proprietary ones have failed, and they have almost always guaranteed projects are completed ahead of schedule, on time, with satisfied users and delivered under budget.   Increased popularity however is mirrored by a rise in questions pertaining to actual cost, scalability, reliability, security, supportability and legality.   As Open Source moves into its next generation, these questions have to be answered and the myths surrounding it must be put to rest.   Additionally, examination of improved tools that facilitate the integration, maintenance and support of Open Source is needed.   The Open Source in the Enterprise conference will bring together leading industry practitioners from every stage of Open Source implementation to address all of these questions and issues.

Open Source is no longer a niche development and is rapidly moving beyond Linux into actual business applications.   Because it's becoming a novel way to "outsource" IT development for IT buyers, as well as a sales, marketing and distribution strategy for IT vendors, Open Source in the Enterprise is the ideal forum to learn how to streamline your IT infrastructure and increase your profitability by taking control of your software.

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