Two Doctors Without Borders Workers Kidnapped in Kenya

Atlanta 10/15/2011 01:31 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Two Spanish women working with the medical charity Doctors Without Borders were kidnapped at a Kenyan refugee came on Thursday. Spain’s Foreign Ministry confirmed the abductions, but did not release the names of the women.

According to reports, the women and their truck were taken by gunmen at the new Ifo 3 camp in the Dadaab refugee complex. The women’s driver was shot in the neck and is currently in stable condition at a hospital. Authorities later found the truck abandoned in the desert. The gunmen and women are believed to be traveling on foot to Somalia.

A massive search and rescue operation has been launched. Kenyan troops have been deployed and six helicopters are being used to locate the women. Back at the Dadaab complex, all non-lifesaving operations were temporarily banned; meaning “only water, food and health services are being maintained,” according to U.N. spokeswoman Needa Jehu-Hoyah.

"This will of course have an impact on the poor refugees,” Jehu-Hoyah added.


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