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CBS News reports Psilocybin being used to treat depression

02/17/2012 03:38 AM


Narconon Louisiana Supports National Children of Alcoholics Week February 8 - 14

02/09/2012 10:55 PM


Politicians on Drugs: Why Do They Support the War?

02/08/2012 06:15 AM


Treatment Options for Drug Abuse

02/06/2012 06:10 AM

Depending on how long you have been taking your drug you may want to consider an inpatient drug rehab program.


Drug Abuse: Who Can You Trust?

02/04/2012 05:50 AM


What is the Right Drug Abuse Theory?

02/01/2012 05:40 AM


Why Do People Relapse?

01/30/2012 05:00 AM

Alabama drug rehabs, and rehabs in many other states, have found that any time you get mad, excited, stressed out have sex or even exercise your heart starts to beat faster and fat is burned for en...


Findings Link Drug Use and IQ

01/27/2012 05:55 AM


The Facts on Drugs

01/26/2012 04:47 AM

Do you know the true facts on drugs? When your kids ask about them will you be able to answer with all the correct information?


Nutrition and Drugs

01/26/2012 04:45 AM

Drugs are poison. It doesn’t matter if you get them from your doctor or from your friends.


Drug Testing For the Unemployed

01/25/2012 04:20 AM


"Un-do" Cocaine

01/24/2012 01:50 AM


Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

01/23/2012 04:15 AM


Illicit Drugs Updated Study

01/23/2012 04:10 AM


ADHD May Predispose Drug Addiction

01/23/2012 01:40 AM


The Truth About Crystal Meth

01/23/2012 01:35 AM


The Truth About Painkiller Addiction

01/23/2012 01:30 AM


Doctor Arrested by Federal Agents

01/22/2012 04:05 AM


Oxycontin: The “Hillbilly Heroin”

01/22/2012 01:25 AM


Tackle Prescription Drug Abuse

01/21/2012 03:55 AM

The deaths from prescription drugs in this country rose by 153 percent over the past 10 years. Oxycodone was responsible for about 176,000 emergency room visits in 2009.

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