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World Demand for Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Chemicals to Exceed $44 Billion

11/15/2012 11:18 PM

World demand for industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaning chemicals is projected to increase 4.7 percent per year to $44.4 billion in 2016.


World Demand for Disposable Medical Supplies to Reach $198 Billion in 2016

11/15/2012 02:00 PM

World demand for disposable medical supplies is forecast to expand 6.2 percent annually to $198 billion in 2016.


Strong Earthquake Causes Widespread Damage In Northern Myanmar

11/13/2012 04:23 AM

Residents of northern Myanmar braced themselves Monday for aftershocks from Sunday’s deadly earthquake. State television continued to issue warnings about keeping a distance from old structures and...


Pentagon Confirms Iran Fired On US Drone, Iran Defends Attack

11/10/2012 03:09 AM

The Pentagon confirmed Thursday the United States issued a warning to Iran last week after an unarmed U.S. Air Force Predator drone was attacked by Iranian fighter jets. Pentagon press secretary Ge...


Alsbridge Inc., Reveals the Five Essential Steps to Successful Vendor Site Visits

11/06/2012 02:19 PM

The five essential steps a sourcing customer needs to take in order to have successful vendor site visits during the selection process.


Android Jelly Bean application

10/26/2012 01:44 PM

An offshore Mobile Iphone development company providing Mobile App Development services like iPhone app Development, Android app development, BlackBerry App development, Mobile web application deve...


Alsbridge Inc., releases new report on Sourcing Strategy Check-up: The Need for Re-evaluation

10/23/2012 05:17 PM

This article reveals how re-evaluating the sourcing strategy may be beneficial for both the provider and the customer, and some key points that need to be considered while doing so.


Global Flavor and Fragrance Demand to Reach $26.5 Billion in 2016

10/23/2012 08:20 AM

Flavor and fragrance demand -- including demand for flavor and fragrance blends, essential oils and natural extracts, and aroma chemicals -- is forecast to increase 4.4 percent per annum to $26.5 b...


World Demand for Fasteners to Approach $83 Billion

10/23/2012 05:40 AM

Global sales of industrial fasteners are expected to climb 5.2 percent per year to $82.9 billion in 2016


World Housing Demand to Exceed 60 Million New Housing Units in 2016

10/23/2012 12:15 AM

Demand for housing is projected to spur the construction of 60.5 million new housing units in 2016


World Plumbing Products Demand to Reach $80 Billion

10/22/2012 10:16 PM

Global demand for plumbing fixtures and fittings is forecast to increase 6.2 percent per year through 2016 to $80 billion


4 People Arrested For Beheading Of Young Afghan Woman

10/19/2012 02:35 AM

Four people have been arrested in western Afghanistan for the beheading of a young woman. Authorities say 20-year-old Mah Gul was decapitated at the behest of her mother-in-law because she refused ...


Author Joel Gibbons Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

10/19/2012 02:04 AM

Joel Gibbons is an economist at heart. Through his years of experience as a commodity trader, Joel has seen it all. Joel expresses his observations and vast acquired knowledge through the art of wr...


Air Canada Flight Helps Save Stranded Boater

10/19/2012 01:50 AM

An Air Canada pilot and his 270 passengers saved a stranded boater’s life Tuesday when they spotted his damaged yacht drifting 270 miles off the coast of Sydney, Australia. Australian maritime auth...


World War II and America’s WWII Home Front Come to Tablets and Handhelds

10/18/2012 09:02 PM


Doctors Believes Malala Yousafzai Will Make “Good Recovery”

10/17/2012 02:53 AM

Doctors at Queen Elizabeth Hospital believe Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai “has a chance of making a good recovery” from wounds sustained in a Taliban attack last week in Pakistan’s Swat Valle...


Teen Activist Shot By Taliban Militants Moved To UK Hospital

10/16/2012 01:39 AM

Teen activist Malala Yousafzai will continue medical treatment for her wounds at a U.K. hospital, military officials in Pakistan confirm. The 14-year-old, who was shot by Taliban militants last wee...


Retired Col. George Satterthwaite II featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

10/15/2012 11:57 PM

With all of the accolades Colonel George Satterthwaite amassed over his illustrious career, he maintains a quite humble sentiment about his accomplishments. “I’m just a loyal citizen who has done...


Gunmen Kill Official Investigating US Embassy Attack In Yemen

10/12/2012 02:18 AM

Officials in Yemen say gunmen killed the security official in charge of investigating the September attack on the U.S. Embassy. The official has been identified as Qassem Aqlan, a Yemeni national w...


Pakistani Teen Activist Targeted By Taliban Now In Critical Condition

10/11/2012 08:47 PM

A teen activist who was shot by Taliban militants for promoting women’s rights to education is now in critical condition at a Peshawar hospital. Malala Yousafzai was said to be in stable condition ...