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Drug Treatment Is Most Effective With Church Support

09/08/2011 12:42 AM

While participation in a drug treatment program offers addicts the chance to reclaim their life, getting support from their church plays an integral role in helping to achieve a lasting recovery. A...


Christian Substance Abuse Treatment Helps Pain Pill Addicts

08/27/2011 03:06 AM

In a Christian substance abuse treatment program, pain pill addicts are given every tool available to strengthen their spiritual health, and along the way, their physical and mental health is bolst...


Florida Megachurch Pastor Zachery Tims Found Dead

08/16/2011 03:00 AM

New York City authorities have confirmed Zachery Tims, the senior pastor of a Florida megachurch, was found dead in a hotel room last Friday. NYC Police Department Sgt. John Bethorn said Tims was p...


What Others Are Saying About Using God For Their Drug Treatment

07/27/2011 09:44 PM

With daily Bible study groups, as well as individual and group therapy sessions, addicts in these drug treatment programs slowly come to terms with their disease while experiencing, perhaps for the...


Alcohol Treatments Coupled With Bible Based Meetings Are Effective For Substance Abuse Treatment

07/27/2011 09:20 PM

Participation in regular Bible based meetings will provide every alcoholic with the dignity they deserve while continuing their journey to sobriety.


Christian Alcohol Treatment Is Accepted By Many Churches

07/26/2011 03:43 AM

Christian alcohol treatment is accepted by many churches across the United States, simply because the Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 step approach has its roots in the teachings of the Bible.


Dan Mazar To Lead Update of Milestone Bible Reference Book

07/23/2011 10:30 PM

The International Publishing Company J-M, one of the Israel's oldest publishing houses, has recently contracted Jerusalem historian Dan Mazar, the Managing Editor of Israel's predominant newspaper ...


New Christian Kids' DVD Series Offers $10,000 Grand Prize To Child; Ray Comfort endorses

07/07/2011 12:27 AM

Imagine a DVD series combining the fun adventure of a Young Raiders of the Lost Ark, the high-tech gadgetry of Mission Impossible and the Scriptural conviction of Bibleman. All of those elements ar...


Former Pastor of second largest US church charged with DUI

05/24/2011 03:35 AM

A DUI can result in the loss of a driver’s license, incarceration and heavy fines. The representation of a DUI lawyer can help reduce the penalties a person faces.


Religious Tourism to Attract 15 Million Tourists to Saudi Arabia By 2013

05/03/2011 07:20 PM


Indian spiritual guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba Dies at 85

04/26/2011 05:08 AM

Indian spiritual guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba Dies at 85


Kosher for Passover Ingredient Substitutions

04/15/2011 06:51 AM

Passover substitution list updated for 2011 by guest writer/food lecturer Eileen Goltz


Industrial Accident Thought to Be a Pipe Bomb

04/08/2011 04:23 AM

Accidents happen all the time and oftentimes only property is damaged for which an accident attorney can work to replace especially if someone was at fault.


Buy the most special items for your synagogue today! Visit Or-El this instant!

03/23/2011 07:44 PM

You now have the opportunity to buy the world’s leading merchandise for the decoration and commemoration of synagogues at Or-El (!


KosherEye nominated for top 100 Food Mom Blogs on

03/03/2011 10:21 PM

KosherEye has been nominated for top Food Mom Blog on and needs YOUR vote


Purim- The Joyful Holiday for Giving, Gifting and Feasting

03/03/2011 10:00 PM

The Jewish holiday of Purim- Themes and Traditions


Dates announced for Business seminar series directed at helping Christian business leaders

02/24/2011 01:13 AM

A unique opportunity to help Christian business leaders is once again being offered in the Charleston area. Titled “God In the Workplace,” this lunchtime seminar series will be held starting on Apr...


Catholic Church Ordains Married Father of Two as a Preist

02/23/2011 07:49 AM


Jessica Hahn Appears on the View

02/23/2011 05:20 AM

Hiring sexual harassment lawyer can help a harassed individual


Brooklyn Rabbi Sentenced To 4 Years In Federal Prison On Extortion Charge

02/19/2011 07:41 AM