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Rebel With a Cause Elsbeth Tate to be Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

08/26/2013 08:01 PM


Masterful Couples of Northern Virginia to be Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

08/14/2013 08:36 PM


Life and Career Coach Regina Ozoemela to be Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

08/01/2013 08:27 PM


Alsbridge, Inc., Adds Former ISG Executive, Michael Kushner to its Team of Experienced Outsourcing Consultants

07/09/2013 10:57 PM

Alsbridge adds former ISG executive, Michael Kushner to its team of outsourcing consultants


Yarnell Hill Wildfire Kills 19 Arizona Firefighters

07/02/2013 04:30 AM

Nineteen firefighters were killed Sunday night while trying to stop the spread of the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona. The firefighters were part of an elite 20-member squad specializing in fighting w...


Tiger Caretaker Remains In Serious Condition After Attack

06/25/2013 01:53 AM

A 21-year-old woman remains hospitalized in Indiana for a head injury she sustained when a tiger mauled her last Friday at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, Indiana. She is in seriou...


Jessica Dewell, Founder of Red Direction feature on Close-Up Talk Radio

06/06/2013 09:26 AM


1 Reported Dead In Philadelphia Building Collapse

06/06/2013 04:50 AM

At least one person has died in Wednesday’s building collapse in Philadelphia. Sources close to the investigation confirmed the woman’s death, but did not identify her.


Major Mary Jennings Hegar, Set to Receive The Prestigious Austin Toastmasters 32nd Annual “Communication Achievement Award”

06/06/2013 03:17 AM

Purple Heart and “Distinguished Flying Cross with a Valor Device” recipient, Major Mary Jennings Hegar, to receive the prestigious Austin Toastmasters 32nd annual “Communication Achievement Award” ...


Close-Up TV News Helps Businesses Get the Word Out: They Broadcast Business News Worldwide

06/04/2013 05:15 AM

Close-Up TV News is a premiere news magazine TV program that helps successful businesses, young up-and-coming businesses and entrepreneurs promote their companies to a large television audience. So...


Close-Up TV News Teaches Their Audience of Millions About Businesses All Over America

06/04/2013 05:05 AM

Close-Up TV News is perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to get more exposure as quickly as possible. Close-Up on America’s Business is a premiere news magazine TV program that p...


Close Up-TV News is the Perfect Place to Demonstrate How Your Products Work

06/04/2013 02:10 AM

Close-Up TV News, is a premiere news magazine TV program that puts the spotlight on the most successful businesses in America.


Close-Up TV News Employs Janice Marie, TV Host and Personality, to Help Guests Build Credibility

06/04/2013 01:24 AM

Janice Marie, one of Close-Up TV News’ most prestigious TV hosts, has been described as one of the most gifted reporters on Close-Up TV News.


Close-Up on America’s Business Teaches Viewers About New Businesses and Inventions

06/03/2013 11:00 PM

Close-Up on America’s Business is the premiere news magazine TV program that teaches viewers about new businesses that are popping up thanks to the hundreds of entrepreneurs out there. The perfect ...


Mackey Mind & Body Works to be featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

05/31/2013 11:31 PM


Julie Wells Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

05/23/2013 07:15 PM


Estra Roell, America's Life Purpose Coach Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

05/22/2013 02:28 AM


24 Confirmed Dead In Oklahoma Tornado, Rescuers Continue Searching Through Rubble

05/21/2013 11:15 PM

As rescue teams continue searching through rubble Tuesday in the wake of a tornado that devastated Oklahoma City suburbs, the Oklahoma medical examiner's office has revised the death toll from the ...


2 FBI Agents Killed In Training Accident

05/21/2013 03:25 AM

The FBI confirmed the deaths of two special agents in a statement released on Sunday. Officials said Christopher Lorek, 41, and Stephen Shaw, 40, died in an accident Friday off the coast of Virgini...


Deanne Demarco’s Show Features Brushes with Death and Life-Changing Leadership

05/19/2013 11:09 AM

Host Deanne DeMarco interviews Kelly Standing, whose near-death experiences turned into a life-affirming adventure, and Dr. Patricia Arredondo, an inspiring multicultural counselor and women’s advo...