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Carithers Flowers Helps You Celebrate the Holidays in Style

11/27/2012 09:00 PM

Carithers Flowers, a second generation, family-owned Atlanta Florist, has you covered this holiday season if you need flowers, bouquets, arrangements, centerpieces or great eye-popping gifts.


Allen’s Flowers and Plants is Ringing in the Holiday Season with New Selection of Holiday Centerpieces, Bouquets, and Gifts

11/27/2012 05:36 AM

Allen’s Flowers and Plants, widely regarded as San Diego’s best flower shop and listed in the top 100 flower shops in the entire nation, announced that they are stocking up for the upcoming holiday...


Allen’s Flower Market Offers Innovative Way to Shop for Flowers

11/27/2012 05:01 AM

Allen’s Flower Market, a Long Beach, California-based, family-owned and operated flower shop, has announced that they are now available for the florist shopper on the go.


Therapist Sylvia Simonyi-Elmer Feature on Close-Up Talk Radio

11/26/2012 11:55 PM

Therapists and psychologists certainly have their hands full with the increasing diagnosis of anxiety and depression in today’s world. There are many methods of treatment and in most cases, curing ...


Therapist and Life Coach Donna Roe Daniell Feature on Close-Up Talk Radio

11/24/2012 02:08 AM

For all of the trials and tribulations that many people face in their lives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Things don’t always go as planned. Hearts change, minds change, and actions always lead...


Why You Should Ride a Bicycle to Work

11/17/2012 01:18 AM


Twist 25 DHEA Cream The naturally occurring pro-hormone DHEA is the most abundant foundation the body uses to produce hormones

11/17/2012 12:23 AM

Research studies show that higher levels of DHEA make people happier and healthier - better mood and sleep better. Or maybe that should be #1 sleep better, feel better, better mood, then happier - ...


Software Creator John McAfee Wanted For Murder

11/14/2012 06:30 AM

John McAfee, a cyber security pioneer who created the McAfee anti-virus software, is wanted for questioning in San Pedro, Belize. Authorities in the Central American country say the multimillionair...


Lance Armstrong Resigns From Livestrong Board Of Directors

11/13/2012 02:30 AM

In another move to distance himself from his Livestrong foundation, Lance Armstrong has resigned from the organization’s board of directors. Livestrong spokeswoman Katherine McLane tells the Daily ...


Modern Technology In Today’s Church

11/10/2012 12:58 AM


Peoples Flowers Shares Experience with Bridgewater Candles Honduras Orphanage Project

11/09/2012 06:43 AM

Peoples Flowers joined with Bridgewater Candles to deliver supplies to an orphanage in Honduras.


Tucson Shooter Jared Loughner Gets 7 Life Terms

11/09/2012 05:09 AM

Tucson shooter Jared Loughner will spend the rest of his life in prison. The mentally ill 24-year-old, who killed 6 people and wounded 13 in the 2011 attempted assassination of former U.S. Rep. Gab...


Allen’s Flower Market Offers the Perfect Addition to Your Turkey Feast

11/08/2012 12:55 AM

Allen’s Flower Market, a Long Beach, California based, family owned and operated flower shop, has recently introduced their autumn line of floral designed centerpieces. They have declared these pie...


Set the Table with a Thanksgiving Flower Centerpiece

11/08/2012 12:35 AM

Allen’s Flowers and Plants, widely regarded as San Diego’s best flower shop and in the top 100 flower shops in the nation for four years now, has recently announced that they will be offering a sel...


Vibrant Nation Free Report Gives Expert Advice On How To Rekindle A Celibate Marriage

11/06/2012 05:35 PM

Free download report shares the true story of how 10 strategies revived one midife woman’s loving yet troubled long-term relationship.


Fuel Shortages Contribute To Frustration After Hurricane Sandy

11/03/2012 01:01 AM

Fuel shortages have become the latest problem for the northeast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. As power companies warned that electricity in some of the hard hit areas like New York City and coast...


School Harassment Attorney Kevin Costello Appears on Radio Panel Discussing New Jersey School Bullying

11/02/2012 10:47 PM

School bullying attorney Kevin Costello appeared on Harry Hurley's morning show on 1450 am/97.3 fm to discuss school bullying in New Jersey.


Hurricane Sandy Death Toll Rises

11/02/2012 03:08 AM

As large parts of northeast coastal areas continue to sit underwater, authorities have raised the official death toll from Hurricane Sandy to 76. Numerous people are thought to still be unaccounted...


Dentists Who Start Their Own Business Fill a Need

11/01/2012 07:51 PM


Business Guru and World’sTop Business Coach in the World visits Guatemala Children’s Orphanage, Vows to Change Children’s Lives Around The World

10/31/2012 10:06 PM