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The American Cornhole Organization will Host the ACO World Championships of Cornhole X in Knoxville, TN

10/01/2014 04:20 PM


Linda Maria Frank’s Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys Now Available in Digital Audio

09/22/2014 10:02 PM

Linda Maria Frank’s Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys Now Available in Digital Audio. “The Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys” is one of a series by, Author, Linda Maria Frank following the adventures of am...


Pacific Telephone Contracts Comedian Todd Belger Imagine

08/29/2014 05:10 AM

Pacific Telephone contacts comedian Todd Belger a video spokesman for it line of communications products and services.


Author Linda Maria Frank’s Book The Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys Has Made it to the Finals

08/20/2014 01:45 AM

The book cover for Linda Maria Frank’s "Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys" is a finalist in a Book Cover Contest and it would mean a lot for her if you could vote on her cover.



08/14/2014 06:44 PM

Super Auctions will conduct a live, one day auction event on Saturday, August 16th, beginning at 10am. All items will be sold, regardless of price to the highest bidder. "Space Entertainment Cent...


Louis Armstrong’s Birthday, Muggles and Star of David ~ New on the Bryan William Brickner Blog

08/04/2014 04:00 PM

Louis Armstrong’s life is celebrated in a new posting showcasing the 2001 tribute, From Lincoln Center – Louis Armstrong: Master Interpreter. Author Bryan W. Brickner echoes the praise of Ed Bradle...


Study Breaks Magazine Launches Their Annual “Best of College” Poll for 2014

08/02/2014 03:57 AM

Study Breaks, a college life magazine found in five cities in Texas, is excited to announce the launch of their 2014 “Best of College” poll! This annual promotion invites students to vote for their...


Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 5: Power of Veto Competition Winner

07/29/2014 02:44 AM

Frankie is final HOH this week and his nominees are Jocasta and Victoria. It seemed that his original goal was to not make any waves in the house, but now he appears open to backdooring Amber or Ca...


Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 5: Nominations and Saboteur Suspicions

07/26/2014 03:46 AM

The Detonators remain in control of the Big Brother house for another week since Zach and Frankie won the fifth HOH competition after last night’s live eviction. Nominations were settled on soon af...


Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 5: Frankie and Zach decide on nominees

07/26/2014 12:50 AM

Frankie and Zach are the week 5 HOHs. This is Frankie’s third HOH win and Zach’s first. Soon after the HOH competition, nomination talk began.


Big Brother 16 Updates Week 4: Campaigning For Votes

07/22/2014 11:27 PM

With the final nominees in place the house is now settling on who will be evicted on Thursday. The big target of The Detonators is Brittany, and although Donny (another player they see as a threat)...


Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 4: Caleb Makes Himself A Target

07/22/2014 02:35 AM

It seems Caleb may have put a big target on his back this week by letting Victoria win the POV, which forces Cody to choose a replacement nominee. The POV competition was the classic Big Brother re...


Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 4: POV Competition Results

07/21/2014 10:45 PM

The Detonators continue to run the house this week with Frankie and Cody winning HOH. Brittany and Victoria were nominated by Cody while Amber and Jocasta were nominated by Frankie. Cody became the...


Big Brother 16 Updates Week 4: Nomination Possibilities

07/19/2014 04:12 AM

Frankie and Cody won the egg HOH competition, so The Detonator alliance remains in control of the house. Nomination talk has already begun and the names being thrown around the most are Brittany, V...


Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 4 HOH Competition Results

07/18/2014 11:34 PM

The 12 houseguests were paired off for the HOH competition. It was the classic egg competition where the houseguests must use their fingers to reach through chicken wire and move eggs to slots. The...


Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 3: A New Alliance Is Formed

07/17/2014 02:38 AM

Derrick is HOH and originally nominated Caleb and Jocasta for eviction. Neither Caleb nor Jocasta was the target. Derrick planned for the Veto to get used so he could nominate Devin. So far his pla...


Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 3: POV Ceremony

07/15/2014 03:06 AM

Derrick is HOH and his nominees are Caleb and Jocasta. Neither Caleb nor Jocasta is the target. Derrick’s intention is to backdoor Devin this week and the whole house seems to be supporting the move.


Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 3 POV Competitions

07/15/2014 01:57 AM

HOHs Nicole and Derrick worked together on their nominations this week. The goal was to get the least amount of blood on their as possible while targeting Devin for a backdoor eviction. Nicole nomi...


Big Brother 16 Week 3 Updates: Derrick & Nicole Work On Nominations

07/12/2014 03:11 AM

Derrick and Nicole are the HOH’s this week and they are working together on their nominations. Their goal is to backdoor Devin. This will keep blood off their hands since most of the house wants De...


Big Brother 16 Spoilers: The First Team America Mission

07/12/2014 02:49 AM

Donny, Derrick and Frankie have their first Team American mission. Fans voted to have the trio attempt to spread a rumor that another houseguest is related to a former Big Brother player. Here are ...