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Get Accurate Weather Predictions for the Year with WeatherTrends360 Year Ahead Forecasting

06/05/2013 06:00 PM

Many of the biggest events in life need time to plan and that means there are variables that you may not be able to control, one of them is the weather.


Hurricane Season Starts Tomorrow and Mother Nature's Right On Cue

05/31/2013 11:03 PM


Spring Brings Unpredictable Weather, Avoid the Rain with WeatherTrends360 Year Ahead Forecasting

05/15/2013 06:35 PM

With spring comes a lot of weather. This is tornado and hurricane season and they say April showers bring may flowers, so this is a time when you can be sure there will rain.


Get Help to Increase Sales with Year Ahead Forecasting from WeatherTrends360

05/02/2013 11:29 PM

Use the weather to your business advantage with WeatherTrends360.


WeatherTrends360 Year Ahead Forecasting: Tried and True Long Range Weather Forecasting

04/27/2013 06:30 PM

At WeatherTrends360, we believe that weather is a very important variable to take into consideration when planning anything.


Weather Trends International's 2013 Hurricane Forecast

04/25/2013 08:41 PM


WeatherTrends360: Create the Perfect Environment for your Business

04/25/2013 06:20 PM

WeatherTrends360 believes that having the capacity to see weather almost a year in advance with Year Ahead Forecasting is one of the most important abilities a businessman can have.


WeatherTrends360’s Advanced Weather Forecast System Helps You Plan Ahead

04/23/2013 11:20 PM

With WeatherTrends360’s interactive platform you can be better prepared for the days ahead.


World Oilfield Equipment Demand to Reach $109 Billion in 2016

11/16/2012 01:00 AM

Global demand for oilfield equipment is forecast to rise 3.8 percent per year through 2016 to $109 billion.


Superstorm Sandys Floodwaters Appeared Fast Though Recovery from Mold Continues to Grow

11/10/2012 02:22 AM

There are those homeowners and business owners who have faced extreme damage caused by the hurricane and/or tropical storm; and there thousands of others who are also affected on a smaller scale.


Fuel Shortages Contribute To Frustration After Hurricane Sandy

11/03/2012 01:01 AM

Fuel shortages have become the latest problem for the northeast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. As power companies warned that electricity in some of the hard hit areas like New York City and coast...


Hurricane Sandy Death Toll Rises

11/02/2012 03:08 AM

As large parts of northeast coastal areas continue to sit underwater, authorities have raised the official death toll from Hurricane Sandy to 76. Numerous people are thought to still be unaccounted...


Hurricane Sandy Causes 29 Deaths, Massive Flooding And Damage

10/31/2012 02:39 AM

Hurricane Sandy slammed into the northeast Monday evening, leaving flooding a trail of severe damage in its wake. The storm is expected to weaken as it moves inland across Pennsylvania on Tuesday a...


Hurricane Sandy - The Perfect Storm can Create the Perfect Microbial Nightmare

10/30/2012 11:13 PM

The key to biological control is moisture control. It is important to dry water damaged areas and items within 24-48 hours to prevent bio-pollutant growth


Hurricane Sandy Expected To Make Landfall In New Jersey

10/30/2012 04:00 AM

Hurricane Sandy is expected to continue gaining strength as it steadily moves towards the northeast coast at 28 mph. As of Monday morning, the category 1 hurricane was moving northwest packing 90 m...


Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights 3F Forecasts

10/10/2012 08:00 PM


Super Typhoon Expected To Hit Japan And South Korea

09/14/2012 11:00 PM

A violent super typhoon moving north in the Pacific is expected to pass close to east Japan before making its way to South Korea over the weekend. According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Typ...


Midland and Upstate Storms wreak havoc in South Carolina and cause need for Roof Repair and Restoration Service

08/30/2012 03:28 AM


Hurricane Isaac Causes Flooding And Power Outages In Louisiana

08/29/2012 11:43 PM

Hurricane Isaac lashed southeast Louisiana with heavy rain and strong winds Wednesday morning, causing severe flooding in Plaquemines Parish and other low-lying areas along the Mississippi River. P...


Tropical Storm Isaac Upgraded To Category 1 Hurricane

08/29/2012 01:53 AM

Tropical Storm Isaac was upgraded to a category 1 hurricane today as it steadily continued moving towards the northern gulf coast. The National Hurricane Center said Isaac is now traveling at 10 mp...