Political News

Gov. Jan Brewer Wags Finger at Obama

01/27/2012 07:33 AM


President Obama proposes millionaire tax hike in State of the Union Address

01/27/2012 04:23 AM


American Seniors Association Membership Comes with Many Benefits

01/27/2012 02:35 AM

Over the past two years the ASA has seen a lot of growth and is offering a very competitive benefit package in comparison to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).


Newt Gingrich calls Romney’s self-deportation immigration plan a fantasy

01/26/2012 06:51 AM

Immigration reform is a hot political debate. Both conservatives and liberals agree that there needs to be comprehensive immigration reform, but cannot agree on how to achieve this goal.


American Seniors Association will Make Your Voice Heard

01/26/2012 01:25 AM

American Seniors Association members enjoy better choices to help with Medicare, insurance, prescription discounts, travel services, auto club, and information on where to find the facts.


Delaware drops out of foreclosure settlement talks

01/25/2012 06:07 AM


Mitt Romney releases tax forms showing he pays a lower tax rate than high earners

01/25/2012 05:10 AM


President Obama to Use State of the Union Address Tuesday January 24

01/25/2012 04:26 AM


Tim Thomas Snubs President Obama

01/25/2012 04:08 AM


Foreclosure settlement goes to states for approval

01/24/2012 03:07 AM

The Obama administration has been working on a deal to settle with major mortgage lenders over unsavory practices which led to the current crisis. Now the settlement will go to individual state Att...


The Benefits of Joining the American Seniors Association

01/21/2012 01:01 AM

For years, the American Seniors Association (ASA), which is known nationally as "the conservative alternative to the AARP," has been working for the interests of senior citizens. Its advocacy is fo...


Ex-Colorado DA sentenced to one year in jail for sexual harassment

01/21/2012 12:55 AM

A former Colorado District Attorney was sentenced to one year in prison and two months in jail for sexually harassing women in his office.


Craig G. Francis Blogs on President Obama’s Proposed Reorganizations

01/20/2012 09:59 PM

Craig G. Francis, successful SBA and business loan broker, discusses the President’s latest moves in his post “Obama’s Proposed Reorganization - Help or Hindrance?” on CraigGFrancis.com. In the pos...


The Truth Behind the Pipa and Sopa Acts

01/20/2012 10:41 AM


Occupy Whatever Makes You Unhappy

01/20/2012 10:03 AM


Value of foreclosure settlement hinges on California’s participation

01/20/2012 07:40 AM


Georgia lawmaker, who cosponsored bill to drug test welfare recipients, arrested for DUI

01/20/2012 06:31 AM


Newt Gingrich’s second wife reveals reason for divorce

01/20/2012 05:33 AM


Mitt Romney accused of hiding money in tax havens

01/20/2012 02:49 AM


Plastic surgery may get a little cheaper in New Jersey if Gov signs bill to eliminate surtax

01/20/2012 02:00 AM