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What are the Requirements for Deferred Action for Young Immigrants?

08/08/2012 03:16 AM

New York, NY- With just a week to go before the USCIS begins taking applications for deferred action, many of the hopeful “dreamers” may be wondering what type of documentation they will need to pr...


State Immigration Laws Dwindle as Lawmakers Tackle Other Problems

08/07/2012 03:53 AM

Washington, D.C. - State lawmakers are shifting their priorities from immigration to other problems such as balancing their budgets and redistricting. Pending litigation of individual state laws ar...


Justice Department Says Undocumented California Immigrant Should Not Get Law License

08/04/2012 02:55 AM

With immigration, state and federal officials walk a fine line between being humane while still trying to enforce the laws. While federal immigration officials have given some young undocumented in...


House Dems Urge the DHS to Include Same-Sex Couples in Immigration Discretion

08/03/2012 03:38 AM

Washington, D.C.- On Wednesday, over 80 House Democrats urged the Department of Homeland Security to allow give undocumented immigrants who are involved in same-sex marriages and relationships the ...


Rep. King Vows to Sue President for Protecting Young Immigrants from Deportation

08/02/2012 03:52 AM

Washington D.C. - As “Dreamers” eagerly await the details about deferred action, to be released today, one staunch anti-immigration activist Rep. Steve King (R.-IA) says that he plans to sue Obama ...


New Report Shows Immigrants Have High Crime Recidivism Rates

08/01/2012 03:39 AM

Washington, D.C. - New government data shows that immigrants, both legal and illegal, are re-arrested for crimes within three years after they are released.


Illegal Immigrants Launch Bus Tour Protest

07/31/2012 03:32 AM

Phoenix, AZ- Illegal immigrants are coming out of the shadows and are now speaking publically. Now some undocumented immigrants are launching a bust tour to add their voices to the immigration deba...


Senator Al Franken Backs More Protections to Employees when Businesses Go Bankrupt

07/28/2012 04:03 AM

When a business files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy their creditors line up to get and often at the back of that line are the employees and retirees. While the bankrupt company asks for permission to g...


Arizona Sherriff Joe Arpaio Denies Racially Profiling Immigrants

07/27/2012 04:22 AM

Notorious Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is well-known for being tough on illegal immigration, took the stand Tuesday as he faces allegations of racial profiling. And while Arpaio said he was agai...


Deferred Action for Young immigrants Could Cost $585M

07/26/2012 03:33 AM

Washington, D.C. - The government estimates that there 890,000 young undocumented immigrants in the country and the cost of processing temporary work visas for applicants could cost up to $585 mill...


Virginia Residents Favor Arizona-style Immigration Laws

07/24/2012 03:32 AM

Richmond, VA- A new Quinnipiac poll showed that Virginia residents are in favor on enacting immigration laws that give police the authority to check the legal status of people who are stopped or ar...


DHS Secretary Napolitano Defends Deferred Action for Young Immigrants, Faces Threat of Lawsuit

07/21/2012 03:52 AM

Washington, D.C. - Depart of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano appeared before the House Judiciary committee to defend that President’s decision to stop deportations of young immigrants....


Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Heads to Court for Racially Profiling Latinos in Immigration Patrols

07/20/2012 03:55 AM

Arizona’s controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio heads to court to day to answer to charges that his immigration patrols violated the civil rights of Latinos and conducted illegal immigration checks.


Civil Rights Groups go on the Offensive to Block Arizona’s ‘Papers Please’ Law

07/19/2012 03:57 AM

Phoenix, AZ- In a highly anticipated move various civil rights groups have made an offensive move to block implementation of Arizona’s immigration status check law. Opponents to the law, often refe...


Electric rates going up; five Republican senators on hot seat

07/19/2012 12:57 AM

An Environmental Protection Agency rule—which by 2016 is supposed to reduce hazardous emissions from power plants by 90 percent—is in effect today thanks to a failed Senate vote in June. A YouTube ...


Obama Is Taking Swipes At America and Small Business

07/18/2012 10:16 PM

President Obama walked deeper into the entrepreneurial thicket over the weekend and may have stepped in something. His remarks denigrating the personal efforts of successful business people have ma...


House Proposes Immigration Reform to Keep Families Together

07/18/2012 03:44 AM

Washington, D.C. - Children of immigrants are the forgotten victims of deportation and often thrust into the foster system, torn away from their families. According to social justice magazine Color...


Floridians Increasingly Favor Leniency for Immigrants, Poll Shows

07/17/2012 02:59 AM

Legal and illegal immigration is one of the many issues that Americans will consider when they head to the polls this November. And while both President Obama and Mitt Romney are in agreement that ...


John Roberts’ Health Care Reform Decision

07/15/2012 07:53 PM

Amid all the informed speculation about why Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts came down in favor of affirming the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform), some fact...


Lesbian Immigrant Files Federal Suit Challenging the Defense of Marriage Act

07/14/2012 03:28 AM

A Philippine immigrant filed a lawsuit Thursday asking for the legal right to stay in the country based on her same-sex marriage to an American citizen.