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This procedure consists in an implant of amniotic membrane telomerase enhanced, rich in stem cells of embryonic type (but not of embryonic origin) performed on both temples of the recipient in a square area delimited by the superficial temporal segment of external carotid, its temporal and orbital branches and the orbita.

(This description is intended to familiarize the reader with the area of implant and is not to be constructed as the exact anatomy of the area.) 

After local anesthesia of the area the surgeon performs an incision 1/3 inch long on both temples, enters under the skin with a blunt instrument, and creates a pocket in which a certain amount of amniotic membrane is being introduced.  The incision is then closed with a stitch and a band aid is applied.

It is hypothesized, that after the implant, the stem cells find an easy way to penetrate the ophthalmic artery, whose branches would become the central retinal artery and the ciliary arteries on either side of the optic nerve, and than enter the eye and the retina.  It is assumed that the stem cells from the implant would be able to reach retina in a matter of minutes.  However in many cases the retinal arteries are closed showing the “waxy” color, meaning that functionally they ceased to function.  In order to penetrate these arteries or eventually open them, a feature that is considered impossible by the retina eye specialists, a strong blood vessel opener, Niacin the vit B3 vitamin in the B complex group of vitamins is being used.  The use of Niacin induces almost instantly hot flashes on the face and head, with intense reddening of the face.

These symptoms last minutes or hours, but are usually well supported by the majority people using it.

It should be noticed that simultaneously with the “Templar Implant” two other implants are performed on the lower part of the abdomen in the pubic area, where larger amounts of amniotic membranes are inserted (description of this technique can be found in our news release of  July 23rd, 2007).  They are intended to provide a steady release of stem cells that would circulate all over the body.

As such patients with RP and related conditions (Usher’s Syndrome, Stargardt disease) are receiving a total of four implants, two intended for the body as a whole, and two destined specifically to the eye and retina.

Encouraged by the results obtained so far in RP, we plan to introduce the “Templar Implant: procedure to other conditions affecting the brain, namely Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and aging.

The Templar Implant is performed, at the present time by Dr. Omar Gonzales, StemCell Pharma’s Medical Director at a stem cell clinic in Mexico.

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