A Short Drug Abuse History Lesson

New York, NY 3/03/2010 04:45 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)


Drugs in one form or another have been abused almost since they were first discovered. The earliest recorded drug abuse history record appears to have been an ideograph created by the Sumerians around 5000 BC, in which opium use is mentioned, surprisingly in a rather favorable light.

The Holy Bible and other religious writings add to the records of drug abuse history, and even give warnings as to the effects that certain drugs could have upon the human body. These included descriptions of hangovers, hallucinations, and other things that occur as a result of drug abuse.

Although drug abuse is still a major problem today, those who have researched drug abuse history believe that the problem was actually worse in 1900 than it is today. Their explanation for this is the widespread use of morphine for legitimate medical purposes at and during that time, as well as the manufacturing and marketing of patent medicines-most of which were almost pure alcohol, morphine, or opium, with a little flavoring added.

While it is interesting to read about drug abuse history, and to even be tempted to point at the 1900 period and feel slightly superior that things aren’t as bad today as they once were, this still does not negate the fact that drug abuse was and still is a major problem. And, those who are addicted to drugs, and want to free themselves of that addiction, need recovery programs to help them do just that.

Many people did not have access to the type of drug rehab program that today’s citizens do. That is not to say they did not exist; there were facilities that functioned as recovery centers for drug addiction. A drug rehab program does not concentrate on how drug abuse history has played out over the years, or on the type of drug rehab program that may have existed. Rather, the focus is on recovery in the here and now. People who have a drug addiction need help today. By calling 1-800-315-2056, or visiting http://recoverylife.com/, that help can be found today, and the recovery process started today.



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