50 Car Pile Up in Florida Kills At Least 3

Atlanta, GA 1/10/2008 05:21 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Lakeland FL news is buzzing about the 50 car pile up in Lakeland Florida that’s killed at least 3 people.

Fog and smoke from a brush fire on Wednesday covered the highway resulting in the massive accident.

15 miles of highway between Tampa and Orlando were closed by multiple accidents, the 50-car pileup was just one of many.

Because of the fog, rescue workers are forced to walk the interstate checking each vehicle individually for any injured people.  Several overhead pictures were taken revealing several mangled vehicles and cars pinned under trucks and trailers and charred trucks.  Six tractor trailers were completely burned.

Polk County FL has not released any information regarding the number of people injured.

The Florida Highway Patrol is currently investigating how the fire, that was supposed to be controlled, got out of control.

So far the fire has burned 400 acres of land.  Chris Kintner, spokeswoman for the division of Forestry, said the fire was burning about half a mile form the highway.  Forestry workers told the highway patrol that it was possible for the smoke to mix with the fog and could create hazardous driving conditions and warning signs were set along the interstate.  Whether the signs were lit or not, Kintner couldn’t say.



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