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Quantum Learning Impact a Proven Success in the Classroom

Quantum Learning Network’s student enrichment programs continue to raise grades, test scores and confidence

Oceanside, CA 4/11/2009 02:35 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

A recent report on the impact of Quantum Learning enrichment programs for students in three third grade classrooms at Buena Vista Enhanced Option School in Nashville, Tennessee, over the course of a full academic school year, reported astounding results on students who struggle academically.


After attending Quantum Learning Student programs, running records grew nearly 7.5 levels on average from the beginning of the third grade school year through the end. 46 percent of 3rd graders topped out at level 44, which is equivalent to the end of 5th grade reading level. Proctors were unable to test at higher levels, even though they feel that the students would have excelled in the higher range. All students grew at least one full academic year, with 90 percent of students showing growth of more than one year.


Within the Math Inventory, a 35 question test was given at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. 60 percent of students scored 85 percent or higher at the beginning of the year. By the middle of the academic year, 80 percent of students scored 85 percent or higher, with some students growing as much as 29 points. 100 percent of students scored at the master level on the end of the year math test. All three third grade classes within the study were the highest-scoring classes in the Metro Nashville School District for the year.


Attendance by program participants also grew with their level of success; students were at school 98 percent of the time throughout the school year. Scores show that this 3rd grade group scored 100 percent in Reading Mastery, up from 77 percent the previous year, 80.5 percent in Social Studies, up from 45 percent the previous year, 90.2 percent in Science, up from 43 percent the previous year, and 98 percent in Math, up from 80 percent the previous year. Only one other school in Metro Nashville, an affluent area, came close to these scores. The three teachers who were involved in the study, Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Pedigo, and Mrs. Terrell, attribute these scores and improvements to their commitment to implementation of Quantum Learning methods every day in their classrooms.


Quantum Learning Network (QLN) is the parent company of SuperCamp, an academic summer camp that teaches learning, leadership, and life skills to students age 11 – 18. SuperCamp has graduated over 50,000 students since 1982 from all 50 states and over 32 countries. SuperCamp is hosted on college campuses across the country including the University of Washington in Seattle, Colorado College in Colorado Springs, and Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


More information on Quantum Learning programs is available at http://www.qln.com/ and by calling 800-285-3276.




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